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Monday, January 28, 2008

13 Extra Challenges For This Year

A new homework was tagged by Liza. Hahaa... real challenge, hah?

  1. Champion a child - target: my only son, of course love

  2. Encourage a co-worker - target: my team mates. Could be 10 or 5, even 2 person agree5

  3. Read a a great book - target: finish all Alfred Hitchkock & Karl May books baca

  4. Do something that frightens you - target: diving & baling out tolong

  5. Write a thank you note - target: to all family & friends peluk Can't stand here right now without them.

  6. Do something kind for a stranger - target: anything. senyum

  7. Wow a customer - target: I’ll do my best to make it on time. tepuktangan

  8. Learn something new - target: cooking european food & cake makan and fixing my own pages fikir .

  9. Let go of a resentment - target: I will. (Ummm.. ok I think I did)

  10. Do better work - target: I always do. agree6

  11. Be more passionate - target: to hubby…I will. (what 'bout promise?? hehee...) sorry

  12. Speak truthfully - target: (God, why do you give me this new boss?! sensor) But, I'll always do (in my real life). sengihnampakgigi

  13. Stand for excellence - target: I want to and I’ll do my best. peace

semangatYuhuuuu... with much pleasures I pass the challenges to :
1. Mbak Ninik (Hawaii)
2. Fajar (Depok)
3. Ami (Northern France)
4. Tiwi (Nederland)
5. Hartman (Bandung)


  1. Caese, thank you for this one! I make it as soon as i can.. promise:)

    happy tuesday to you & family!

  2. waddduh mba....jelasin cara ngelakuinnya donk :D:D ora mudheng aku :( (saking bodohnya) hahahaha


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