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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

About Last Night

Me & hubby.. we didn't plan any occassion such like 'candle light dinner'. (hey, it was valentine's day). But, we have spent -almost- seven hours on waiting room as a couple outpatients. Awaiting for Prof.Pangestu to drain our pockets diagnose us. Ohh gossssh..... (though received sequence #2 while waiting in line, you'd better bring a tent completed with pillow. gah! you know what I mean)

08:40 pm
Prof: Do you often get abdominal pain?
Me: I got stomachaches while still using birth control.
Prof: But I just check you get abdominal pain, now..
Me: Of course... I've been very starving to wait you since 03:00 pm, Doc:( 

*eerrrrrggh!* Rp.700rb flew away without any medicine, and even asked to return after doing a general check-up. (wani piro???)
 ~ ~ ~ o0o ~ ~ ~
Prof: Are you drinking coffee?
Me: Yes. Frequently.
Prof: Please continue..... and do not reduce the frequency.
Me: (sparkling) How much can be enjoyed? *imagining 2 packs Luwak Coffee I just bought the night before*
Prof: As much as your health could handle. Your body has alarm, right?!
Ooohh, Heaveeeeeennn..........!!!

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