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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So today Azka mastered the Lego... well, this one particular Lego creation... it was a castle of sorts, and apparently "all the big boys who are Lego experts couldn't even do it!!" All hail, Lego master, I say! So I went at once to fetch my camera to commemorate this moment in the annuls of history... or something like that.

But then I got distracted by the something shiny above Azka's head... my pocket CAMERA!! And here's where we take a brief detour. Why, I ask you why, is everything around here breaking or broken... first it was the vacuum... then the car radio which, I might add, still doesn't work properly. Then it was my camera. Bless it's little heart. Then the freezer and lastly, the fridge... (and I will be posting on the repairman another day... you can COUNT on it... I've got a mouthful to say about that) however, there are random other broken items around here... the dryer isn't drying, the water faucet is leaking and the sink's squirty hose (yes, I call it that) isn't spraying unless you use cold water, the towel bar in the kids bath keeps falling off the wall, and both toilet paper holders are popping off on one side... hahaa, I think I don't need them from now on. What a good reason to skip those stuffs.

in a pinch to take this photo using my mobile (again?!?)

However, we have to have priorities, and all knew I could not live without my camera... So we cashed in on Service Central misfortune and got this... And y'all, I just wish you could see my hair today... it is the best hair day I've had in months!! Just got it done last week and my friend's wife cut in a bunch of layers and I just love it... oops, see? Distracted.

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