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Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Firstly I’d like to wish every mom...

This comes with love to hope you'll have
A happy Mother's Day,
The kind that you'll remember
In a very special way --

And with this very special wish
Come many more wishes too,
That the year ahead will be filled with joy
And happiness just for you.

Hope Everyday Is Wonderful Day!

I love you, Momlove... And get well soonpeluk

--- o0o ---

Finally, I'm here again today. Been busy lately?? ...No. Ummm, maybe yes. We were busy in counting how many medicines we have been consuming this last 7 days. That was terrible week. My family should do bed rest for (at least) 4 days. Never imagine how hard to face it all. We take care each other in a very bad condition.

I want to share with you 'bout those worst days... or do some blog walking. But you know, I still feel my head will be splitted into pieces. I really miss you all, my blogger fellas... sorry for this incovenience. Hope you have a nice week ahead!

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