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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Really realy got a very bad headache today. Not because of what.... much messages in my mailbox need to reply .....& forward! Very insane, huh?! All problems my principal transferred to us need to pass on to my client. Aaaarrrgh.... welcome new problems!

Is this what a headache look alike? Gosh... this man had a colorful headache. Me? ....blindness. I see a dark narrow room. I hate this headache where it feels as though a hammer has hit me and splitting my head into pieces.

See... It was too late to start my breakfast at 11:00 am. My boss just finished our same breakfast a few minutes ago. And I... I haven't finished it this time 01:30 pm. Is it gonna be a brunch? No, no, nooo....!

--- oOo ---

Finally I finished it at 01:50 pm. In fact, there were just 10 spoons of rice (including the side dishes) in our luch box. Thanks God....

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