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Monday, June 02, 2008

Azka & The Cat


I hate this ugly silly creature. But my son Azka really loves it. He's always trying to reach & touch every cats around us. Check this out
Can't find water, he is showering the cat using a container of sand. He also treats it gently. Now look what he keeps in his bed.

(Left: Miauw, Right: Miong)

Yeaah, he is always bringing those pussycat dolls everywhere. Except in a bathroom of course. He loves the left one sooooo much than the right one! Always crying loudly when I wash Miauw. Then sitting in the window, watch Miauw all day long 'till he fall a sleep.


  1. Waaahh seneng sm cat yaa..kl tante entah kenapa gelii n takuutt bener kalo ada kucing napa yaaa...hehehe...kalah dong sm Azka hihi

  2. wah azka suka kucing yaaa, sama dg ben hehe.....
    kalo aku geli ma kucing...


Hey, thanx..:)