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Monday, April 21, 2008

out of date tag

Tag dari Princess Aurelia. Haduuuh, ngirimnya pake gedor-gedor pintu segale.. maklum pas lagi hiatus kemarin siih. Mumpung pintu belum keburu jebol (hehee, terlalu didramatisir ya say..) cepet-cepet digarap dweeh PeeR-nya. Mohon maap dulu aah... Sori meri stroberi, dah super duper basi postingannya. So, gak pake dilemparin kemana-mana yaa, lagian semua pasti dah pada ngerjain kan?!

I'm Passionate About :
1. My Family, especially my 2 heroes (Azka & Jon), and amazing lady called "Mom"
2. Exploring my religion
3. Learning multimedia & their cool stuffs
4. Completing Karl May's & Alfred Hitchcock's books
5. Having my old hobbies... travelling & climbing

Mostly I say :
1. Astaghfirullahaladziim.. (while my thoughts are blank)
2. Laa illaha'ilallaah, Allahu Akbar (while I'm surprised)
3. Shut up & leave my desk (for friends who having gossip at lunch time) polisi
4. God bless you, stupid as***le.. angry14 (it happens spontaneously while I'm trapped on the traffict jam then another driver / rider's trying to slick me)
5. Asem! Pale loe peyang apa, hah?! (especially for my Finance Consultant) ketukmeje

I've just finished reading :
1. Azka's story books.
2. Surah Yasiin.
3. Kara Ben Nemsi the series (there're 3 series x 2-3 books)
4. Larry King's book (too thick to read till I forget the title) bintang7
5. Sedap Sekejap Recipes.

Insya Allah before I die, I want to :
1. Let my mom gets the Haj for the 1st & last time. doa
2. Be a better moslem. & go for the Haj for our little family.
3. Prepare Azka's education, health, & lifetime security. sarjana
4. See my old friends. All friends, if possible.
5. Go to school... (again?!? hehee, never ending study)

I Like To listen to :
1. Azka's twaddle & laugh.
2. Frank Sinatra songs (especially "Stranger In The Night" & "The Way You Look Tonight")
3. Julio Iglesias songs & all my jazzy albums. music1
4. Trijaya FM online radio.
5. Dropped things..... there he is, where my son's trying to satisfy his curiosity.

Last year I've learned
1. It's not easy being pregnant.
2. Kid is a magic... miracle! love
3. Loving & caring my tiny little son has let me know how my parents do the same things to me.
4. Kid vs carrier could be such a big dilema, someday. adus
5. To be more patient & to thanks God for all. Keep smiling. We only have one way ticket to ride our life in this world. We could ride our life to the better destination or worst destination... it's up to us!


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