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Friday, February 08, 2008

tHanx A bUNch 4 mY n3w teMpLate

Oh my God.. ooh my God.... what can I say 'bout this. Didn't check my blog yesterday. I check it this morning, and then tadaaaaa......!!
I love it! I really realy love it, Carlota. It's so awesome & wonderful. Never stop admiring this template. I'm still surprise now. Thanx a lot, sis... Thanx a lot!

I think this Photobucket will never be enough for you.
But, I'll always say :
Thank YouThank YouThank YouBig HugKisses
Take care...


  1. I love your new kyk banyu kendhi.
    pls send my regards to carlota ya..*wink wink*

  2. You are so welcome and I'm glad that you like it. wink* TAke care.

  3. Selamat ya Bun...dah ganti templete, bagus euy...

  4. Hi Caese, this is such a nice layout! i love the color.. very cool and refreshing. Big Bravo, to your interieur designer. wink*

  5. Waah rumahnya ganti cat nih :p, Oouugh jadi kepengen ganti template juga nih. salam hangat :)

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  7. Template baru smangat baru ya jeng

  8. Haha... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;) But, seriously I love it!

    Here's the link to the tag

    I hope you're feeling better now. Take care my dear friend. ;)


Hey, thanx..:)