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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Press Conference

Hehee.. feel like superstar recently gatai. I think I need to drop these words. Some friends sent me their comments & e-mail messages concerning to this new lay out. They said awesome.. cool.. beautiful.. excellent! tepuktangan Here I have to response your comments. Thanx.. once again, thank you very much that you all like it, my blogger friends.
Much appreciate to Carlota. sembah She was working on it just in a moment... *winkmalu Never find the expert since I met her. *wink (again?!?!) Here is Carlota..... with the dimples on her cheek of course!
My friends has sent you their regards & big hugs. Now, allow me to tell them a lil' I know 'bout you, sis.
  1. Carlota is a mum of young pretty girl named Julie (who always do crazy things with her guitar & camera). I love it. And it makes me wonder how Carlota when she was at Julie's age many years ago. rindu (haha haa... sorry, sis!).

  2. She has been working for a famous company that I want to joint in.agree5

  3. The fact is : everybody's getting older, but she's getting prettier. love I found her old picture while I was blog walking on her website. Amazing... (this last comment is my 1st impression when I saw her. I always want to say it. Done!)

To all my friends, thanx a lot guys... you've made it perfect. Please stay in touch & keep smile!! sengihnampakgigi
Ntar deeh, nunggu Carlota ngewariskan ilmunya ke aku... Insya Allah ntar kubuatin masing-masing, huehehe heheee..

Carlota pic by Vicki, turtle pic by willemrook, taken from photobucket


  1. waaah slmt yaaaa mbu...rmh barunya cntik...pngling td ksini kirain nyasar...")

    smg smkn betah dan rajin bersihin rumah yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...:)

  2. kirain nyasar kalo gak liat foto si azka..kekekekekeke

  3. ntar kalau udah dapet warisan ilmunya, bunda yg pertama di buatin yah? ga usah deh...takut...ancur kalau pertama mah...huahaha...belum teruji bagusnya hehe...maaf...maaf...ampuuun..


Hey, thanx..:)